Do you wonder if its gluten or something else causing your persistent symptoms?

Is This You:

1. You feel like you're getting consistently 'glutened' all the time even though your celiac antibodies are consistently coming down (or already normal)

2. Sometimes, you feel like you're finally getting better and then, bam, you're back to square one with symptoms and beyond frustrated.

3. Feel frustrated that you've spent hours on the internet going down the all the 'rabbit holes' that ultimately lead to nowhere.

If you want simple and practical strategies that actually work, then you will want to join my free, 3 day live series.

Oct 12-14 2021, 11am PDT (replays available)

Hi, I'm Selena, registered dietitian and fellow celiac. I specialize in helping celiacs who experience persistent symptoms, despite a strict GF diet. I have dedicated my career to helping those who suffered like I did.

Don't suffer alone. Let me help you.

In just 20 minutes a day, see how to:

  1. Reduce bloat, constipation, diarrhea, or gas with this one simple strategy (and it has nothing to do with the food you eat).
  2. Modify the top 3 healthy foods that can wreak havoc on digestion so you can finally enjoy them symptom free!
  3. Create a 3 step plan to long term, symptom relief

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